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Things move fast in the telecommunications industry – results should be no different. Beyond that, progress should stay consistent…always. It’s two key reasons why our longstanding telecommunications clients continue to call on Viamark for marketing, advertising, and media placement.

Rapid results. Consistent progress.

Guess you can say fast & steady wins the race.

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ATMC- Telecommunications

NEED: ATMC provides Broadband, Wireless, Telephone, Wireless and Security service to the Brunswick and Columbus County in North Carolina.  They have been a ViaMark client since 2007.  ViaMark was initially hired to handle media buying while another agency would produce the creative. 

APPROACH: Over time, they have shifted all marketing responsibilities to Viamark Advertising, and our firm acts as an extension and partner to their in house marketing department. Viamark responsibilities include: media buying, radio and TV production, e-newsletters, landing pages, new product launches, branding initiatives, and design support for print, direct mail, and directories.

THE RESULT: ATMC is continually growing, adding service lines and expanding into new markets.

*In a recent client survey, an ATMC marketing manager gave the following feedback on Viamark:

Overall satisfaction: Excellent

How likely are you to recommend Viamark to a colleague? Very Likely

How would you rate our media buying services? Great

How would you rate our digital services? Great

Why did you hire Viamark? “Because they were less expensive than other traditional brick and mortar agencies and delivered results that were just as good or better. They respond quickly.”

Home Telecom- Telecommunications

NEED: Home Telecom is an independent telecommunications company based in Moncks Corner, SC. They currently serve over 20,000 customers delivering Telephone, Cable TV, High Speed Internet, Security and Wireless services.

APPROACH: ViaMark developed a campaign for the launch of Home Telecom’s business brand- Connected Business Solutions. This launch included naming suggestions, logo creation, collateral, website creation and mass media exposure through television, print, and outdoor.

THE RESULT: The brand was launched effectively and in a timely manner. Home Telecom’s ever broadening footprint is expanding even further with the development of Connected Business Solutions.

“Viamark played a huge part in the success of our newly launched Connected Business Solutions brand. We are very impressed with all of the elements developed by your group. Thank you so much for helping to launch the brand so quickly and beautifully!”

Gina Austin, Director of Marketing/Home Telecom

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