COVID-19 has now affected the world for 10 months, shutting businesses down, containing citizens to their homes, and moving everything online. For some companies, this has been a time for growth and rebranding, but for others who might have been utilizing more of an “old school” approach to digital advertising, they might have been left behind. During these crazy times, it has given consumers an ample amount of time to rethink what they buy and how they buy it, making specific advertising tactics more important now than ever before. For Viamark Advertising, top advertising agency New Bern, monitoring the effects of the pandemic are necessary to understand the future of advertising and be successful in a post COVID-19 world.

Websites are Necessary

One of the biggest impacts that the global pandemic has caused was the lockdown of all populated cities and towns for weeks on end. Forcing businesses to close their doors, citizens to stay home, and alter their plans, hobbies, and jobs caused mass panic and boredom. What is there to do when you are locked in a house for hours on end? Scroll through websites and social media. This means that all of the services your brick and mortar company was receiving was put to a screeching halt. However, it doesn’t have to be that way if a user friendly, informational, and easy access website is built for your company. In the first eight months of 2020, $497 billion was generated by online sales (Adobe, 2020).  Listing any product that is for sale and can be shipped or even locally dropped off is worth building a website for. If it seems a bit out of your reach, the advertising team at Viamark Advertising agency New Bern will be there to guide you every step of the way. Your customers will be happy they can still engage with your services, and you will be happy to maximize your ROI. 

Social Media is Inexpensive Advertising

As stated above, the digital world is booming, and it’ll benefit you more to accept it rather than fight it. If websites just aren’t your thing, managing social media marketing is the next best step. With access to all social media apps at your fingertips, posting products, interacting with customers, and keeping track of competitors has never been easier. Setting up a business account only has a few steps, and then you’ll be ready to hit the ground running, with the help of Viamark, advertising agency New Bern

Brand Identity Will Matter Less 

One of the bigger stressors during the pandemic was the inability to find toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and other household essentials. Families were stocking their cupboards full of any household necessities they could find on grocery store shelves or through online ordering. Through this chaotic buying, many customers realized that purchasing their favorite brands might not be as important as buying what’s available or of quality. This means that some of your dedicated customers might have been lost through the hectic times and you’ll need to reboot, reintroduce, and re-prove yourself to buyers as to why they should stick with your products or services. Thankfully Viamark, your advertising agency New Bern, is readily available to help you revamp your tactics and get your company out there to keep making a difference. 

Production is Different

Due to the social distancing regulations, high levels of ad-supported streaming subscriptions, and higher qualities of personal cameras, advertising production is changing dramatically. Companies are realizing that in-person communication isn’t necessary, spending hundreds of dollars on sending employees to meetings and shoots across the country when someone locally can handle the process and send it via message when done. People are realizing that a hands-on approach isn’t always the best or most cost-effective for advertising, and Viamark, an advertising agency New Bern is well aware. By keeping up to date with the latest technology, software, and programs available to create, produce, and stream advertisements whether it is a video, photograph, infographic, radio spot, or an article, the  team at Viamark Advertising have the professionals to handle all elements of your campaign the best. 

Viamark Advertising Agency New Bern

Times are tough, and there is no telling when or if society, community, and sales will get back to normal. For right now, digital is the “new normal” and adapting as well as you can is important for business success. Contact Viamark Advertising, top advertising agency New Bern, for any advertising inquiries and assistance today.