Ed Murdock Superstores


NEED: When Ed Murdock Superstores joined Viamark, their websites were underperforming. As a result, valuable leads and sales were missed.  The automotive superstore needed to increase its overall traffic, organic traffic, time onsite, and most importantly, lead submissions.

APPROACH: The digital team of Viamark built a new group website for Ed Murdock Superstores that would increase traffic, time onsite, and lead submissions as well as help boost automotive sales for each Ed Murdock dealership within its single site.

THE RESULT: Ed Murdock Superstores increased-Average Monthly Geofencing conversions: 111, Overall Web Traffic Year to Year up 23%, Organic web traffic Year to Year up 16%, Time on Site Year to Year up 11%, new visitors Year to Year are 16%, Lead Submissions (conversions) Year to Year up 171%!