The Philadelphia office of Viamark Advertising is a full-service marketing agency. Whether you need video production, radio advertising production or media buying in the traditional space or digital space, we can help make sense of it all. Getting in front of the camera can be nervewracking, so here are some tips on how to feel comfortable while being filmed:

Practice – Hard Work Pays Off

Practice what you’ll say in your video in the mirror. It may feel uncomfortable to talk to yourself at first, but it pays off in helping you feel more natural and smooth in front of the camera. You can practice sounding more natural rather than sounding like you are reading a script, and after practicing your “lines” a few times, it will easily roll off your tongue as if it’s second nature. Make sure you are speaking sincerely, to the point that you believe your own words or would feel compelled to take action if you were to hear another person speaking in your place.  

Eye Contact & Facial Expressions

When you are speaking with someone face-to-face, sharing eye contact shows that you are listening and that you respect what the other person has to say. Channel this same energy when speaking to a camera by looking straight into the lens rather than off into the distance; it will create the sensation of eye contact for your viewers. Furthermore, you should work on finding your self-expression. Not everyone is a ball of energy, but you don’t want your expressions to fall from being nervous. Putting on an authentic smile makes a world of a difference in both your appearance and tone.

Don’t Overdo It

Doing 20 takes because you have perfectionist tendencies will not help you in the long run. You will have excess content that will take up your time when you are ready to edit, and they will probably end up looking and sounding mostly the same after countless takes. Just be yourself – pretend you are talking to a friend or family member to make your monologue flow more smoothly. Soon you may feel more natural, like the camera is no longer there, but maintain awareness of where the camera is so you can engage with it throughout the filming process. 

Deliver A Message with Confidence

During filming, remember that the purpose of the video is to deliver a message to your viewers. It is not about how you look, it’s about your viewers truly hearing what you have to say. Being self-conscious will show on camera, so let the insecurities go and focus on being sincere in your speech. Wear something that makes you feel confident and reduce the pressure you may be putting on yourself.

Call to Action

If you are trying to sell a product or service using video marketing, you likely want your users to visit a specific landing page on your website after viewing your video in order to find more details about the product or to buy it. Some calls to action include subscribing to your videos, commenting opinions or answers to questions you may have asked, viewing a related video, or following a link in the video description. This should fall at the end of your video, so work on determining your goals to help you decide how to leave your viewers when the video is over. 

Viamark Advertising

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