In the world of digital marketing, having as much access and knowledge as possible on our clients’ business is what helps agencies such as Viamark advertising agency North Carolina do our job properly. However, there is plenty of information that second party agencies don’t need to know such as passwords and other secure information. But how can a business keep certain information private, and still allow the marketing and web development team do their job correctly? When working with a client who handles their business through a GoDaddy account, delegate access can be assigned for situations just like this one. 

What is Delegate Access?

With your GoDaddy account, you used to be able to assign “Administrators” or “Executives” to manage and edit your account. However, that system was replaced with Delegate Access to allow GoDaddy customers more control over what is seen and touched by those invited to the account, including advertising agency North Carolina, Viamark. As the account owner, delegate access allows you to invite others to have access to your account through an invitation. After accepting the invitation, these delegates can open, use, and edit your product only as you see fit. 

What does having Delegate Access allow?

  • Delegates can open and use your products as needed to design and develop your websites. If you’ve given your delegate permission to buy products, then your delegate can also buy domains directly or on the domain aftermarket. Purchased domains are added to your account.
  • Delegates receive access to your accounts DNS, domain forwarding, and nameserver changes. 
  • Delegates can have permission to purchase products for your account, without seeing payment information.
  • Account holders can alter permission levels and remove delegate access at any time. 

What does having Delegate Access not allow?

  • Delegates are not allowed to view or change your domain purchasing profile.
  •  Delegates can’t see or edit your secure domain information such as your contact address.
  • Delegates aren’t allowed to sell your domains.
  • Delegates can’t manage or add payment methods to your account.
  • Delegates are not allowed to invite others to access your account or edit account settings. 
  • Delegates are not allowed to view or change your account credentials such as your passwords or support PIN. 
  • Delegates can’t view your order history or upgrade products. Only new purchases and renewals are supported.

How do I send a Delegate Access invite?

  1. Go to your GoDaddy Account Settings. If you’re not already logged in, you’ll be prompted to log in.
  2. Click Delegate Access.
  3. In the People who can access my account section, click Invite to Access.
  4. Enter the Name and Email address for the person you’re inviting.
  5. Select one of the access levels. If you’re not sure what this means, check out our explanation of access levels.
  6. Click Invite. We’ll send the person an email invitation to access your account. Once the person accepts, we’ll let you know. That’s it!

When initiating this process, account holders must invite a delegate for them to gain access. Pending invitations can’t be cancelled, but do expire if not accepted within 48-72 hours. 

Viamark Advertising Agency North Carolina

There are many benefits in allowing your advertising agency North Carolina to have delegate access to your account. In doing this, it allows the process to run smoother, and for the work to get done faster with less unnecessary back and forth administration conversation without providing unlimited access. For further instruction or information about GoDaddy delegate access, contact Viamark Advertising of New Bern today.