Viamark’s Messaging Strategies Help Local and Regional Retail Businesses Take Off.

Oftentimes retailers face the challenge of having a shoestring budget coupled with a “by yesterday” timeframe. At Viamark Advertising, we get creative with the creative to maximize budgets and streamline timelines.





Planet Fitness | Raleigh, NC

NEED: To increase memberships by mining current members. In the past, Planet Fitness has always mailed letters via windowed envelopes that offer “add a friend” for $5 down then $10 per month for the membership.

APPROACH: Viamark recommended using attractive direct mail postcards instead of the window envelopes (as they look like bills and have low response rate). In addition to that, Viamark created a buzz by developing a new campaign: “refer 3 new members; get 3 months free, refer 5 new members get 6 months free, refer 7 or more members get 12 months free”.

THE RESULT: At the client’s 6 gyms they had a total of 363 members referring 456 NEW MEMBERS and a return on investment on 625%!


ABC Phones

NEED: The client started with one location and a small business loan. They were primarily advertising in newspaper and needed to increase sales.

APPROACH: Viamark started them on radio with a strong message and musical image targeting a young demo with a limited advertising budget.

THE RESULT: ABC phones has grown to 25 locations in NC and VA, and won “Alltel dealer of the Year” for the Southeast region.


ATMC Wireless

NEED: ATMC Wireless needed a way to brand their local customer service while at the same time making the message clear that they are an AT&T provider.

APPROACH: Viamark created a “wired” character as part of a branding campaign that focused on simplicity and local customer service.

THE RESULT: Character is now used in ATMC radio, TV and print helping to better brand ATMC on a local level.


Hearne’s Jewelers

NEED: During the summer when sales are typically soft, the client needed to increase traffic and profit. Their goal was to create a mid-summer sales event.

APPROACH: We created an effective television and radio campaign to market the jewelry liquidation sale, something this high-end client is not known for.

THE RESULT: Sales for this event eclipsed $275,000. This mid-summer liquidation is now an annual event.

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