Creating a Promotional Contest

When creating a promotional contest for your business, you first need to define what your goals for the contest are. Some examples of popular goals include:

  • Generating more web or store traffic
  • Gathering more lead customer information
  • Increasing consumer engagement
  • Increasing general sales

After you have defined your goal(s), you need to identify your target market. Consider demographics, geographic location, and conventional media sources when determining your audience. Your contest goal(s) should also align with your target market and general marketing objectives.  

Next, you need to decide the structure of your contest. Will your contest be a raffle, sweepstakes, video, essay or photo contest? All of these are great options, but only you will know which one suits your business needs best.

Displaying your Contest

Now that you have the core of your contest in terms of what you want it to do and whom you wish to participate, it’s time to put in into motion. There are two routes when it comes to marketing promotional contests, traditional and digital. Traditional marketing is the tried-and-true method of advertising on billboards, newspapers, radio broadcasts, or TV ads.

Digital marketing covers all online mediums and is rapidly growing in popularity. Digital promotions can also help generate web-business followers on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Blending Traditional and Digital marketing efforts into a cohesive strategy is an opportunity to unite these two routes and leverage each for their strengths.  

Choosing the Prize

The prize of your contest should be something with enough value to motivate current customers, as well as potential customers, to put forth an effort to enter. Picking the right contest prize is crucial to having a successful promotional campaign, so choose wisely. Most businesses opt for a package deal that includes gift cards, drinks, and coupons to local shops; or they offer store credit.

Here is an example of a promotional contest:


Facebook Promotional Contest - Viamark New Bern

Reaping the Benefits

The traditional route of promotional contests attracts interest to your business or brand and creates a general hype around your market. Consider this, a new product has launched, and our firm runs a contest via radio and social media. This contest centered around your launch has enabled your business not only to attract new customers but also to gather leads and spark word-of-mouth advertising all from one promotional event. These promotional contests are entirely unique, in that they speak to who your business is and what you do from just a glance.

Viamark New Bern

Viamark New Bern prides itself on producing remarkable results using local-specific tactics. Our award-winning advertising campaigns come from a passion for our work and a love for our clients. So, when planning your businesses next promotion event, call Viamark. We offer all the marketing services necessary to generate the hype, all for an affordable cost. Contact us today to talk to one of our advertising professionals regarding our services.