Small businesses and startups are facing more competition than before. Even with a unique idea, it is difficult to gain new customers because of the endless amounts of media being exposed to consumers on a daily basis. So how do you stand out among the crowd?

Video Marketing

There are various marketing tactics you could use to grow your popularity with your target market. However, few prove more effective in today’s digital landscape than video marketing.

Using videos as opposed to text helps visualize and communicate your company’s unique value proposition. Showing your customers what makes your company tick through a funny video or interesting short story will drive engagement. The best way to get your product or service out there is through social channels. What better way of engaging customers than through a short video that is visually appealing and improves brand awareness. Once customers view and share the video, the domino effect takes place.

Digital distribution has opened up even more ways for you to use video to spread the word about your business. Broadcasting live events is a good way to increase brand awareness, it shows that you want to involve your target market with your industry’s events. Educational videos add value to your company’s brand as well. Sharing your knowledge to others, whether that be how to use your product or life hacks, it showcases your credibility. This will keep your customers coming back for more.


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