Why is it so difficult to find a company you can trust?

From large corporations to locally owned businesses, it seems that almost everyone is out to pick your pocket, over promise, under deliver, or just flat out lie. What happened to us?

We live in a society that teaches us that money, regardless of how it is gained, is the ultimate measure of worth.  Corporations willingly allow people to die, because it’s far less expensive to deal with the law-suits, then to fix the initial problem they have avoided for years.

Insurance companies bilk their customers, and then harass them when the insurance is needed. Numerous Law Practices pose as caring council to families for one reason…money.

Banks, like Bank of America, have created a culture where practicing deception against their customers is just fine…and the customers TAKE IT!? ?

The Church…enough said. It seems that we have created a culture where it’s acceptable to mislead, simply so a company can victimize others for the sake of making (or keeping) their money.

Interestingly, one can earn plenty by simply doing the right things. I work in a service industry full of sham artists and frauds.  No, I do not practice Law.  I am an advertising professional. Today, one could argue that almost every service profession is filled with liars, cheaters and wrong doers.  What a shame.

Here’s a concept that seems to be catching on; Transparency.  How about that?  There is hope America!  Here’s what I find absolutely amazing…In a service industry, like advertising, or banking, TRUST has become the differentiator. Hey Bank of America, why not take care of your customer’s needs, first?  I am betting that $772 million dollar judgment against you for Credit Card FRAUD really sucked! Why would any sane, thinking, rational person remain the customer of a corporation like yours? In doing so, they give you tacit approval to do more of the same.  You will.  It’s just who you are.

Here’s what I suggest, let’s treat our customers with respect.  Let’s be honest and forthright in our business dealings with them, and let’s build relationships that last for years, not months. If you happen to be looking for honesty and transparency in Advertising and Marketing, there is a name for that…VIAMARK! ~Mark Storie