Marketing is an ever-changing field and keeping up with the latest trends can help your business stand out. As you plan out your 2022 marketing strategy, working with your local marketing agency New Bern can help you reach a larger audience and get the most out of your efforts. Trends such as the increase in traffic for e-commerce, and the introduction of Meta are definitely worth exploring.


You would be hard-pressed to find a website that doesn’t sell a product in today’s world. [E-commerce]( also known as electronic,data to execute these transactions.&text=Global retail ecommerce sales are projected to reach %2427 trillion by 2020.) has become the norm and the potential revenues stemming from these style of sites gives an indication of why. However, while there is a myriad of template-style E-commerce websites out there, it seems that the personalized ones are performing the best. Having a well-designed purposeful website for your E-commerce business can help direct the traffic from outside efforts such as social media advertising to increase cart additions. Using a marketing agency New Bern can help ensure your website not only looks great but serves its main function: selling.


At the end of 2021, we saw Facebook become Meta. According to members of Meta’s board, this will allow users to completely immerse themselves in all that Meta has to offer including Facebook, Instagram, Oculus, and more. This change has become an opportunity for businesses who want to layer their advertising through social platforms. Using Meta, you can advertise your business and grow your audience as you would with Facebook. Working with your local marketing agency can help you use the Meta platform to directly target customers who fit your target audience rather than a large audience that may not convert.

Audio Advertising

While using audio for advertising has been a typical practice for years in the traditional sense, it has now taken a different form for the digital world. Audio advertising on streaming channels like podcasts has become a norm in today’s world. Furthermore, businesses have begun using music to advertise their products through branded songs to attract customer inquiry. Using a focused marketing agency New Bern can help integrate audio advertising into your marketing plan so you can get connected to the audio revolution and get your business heard.

Marketing Trends With Viamark Marketing Agency New Bern

At Viamark, marketing agency New Bern, we use the latest and most effective marketing trends to advertise your business. Our creative thought process is unmatched, and we can guarantee to help set your business apart and be the most relevant in its industry. Our campaigns and strategies are based on proven results, and we understand every business is unique and requires a different approach. If you’re struggling with marketing your business or finding your target audience, Viamark Advertising can help you. Contact us today or visit our website for more information regarding our services.