Different trends and techniques can change the way we see advertising. Experiencing the same types of advertising can get tiresome to consumers, so consider integrating these influential techniques into your campaigns for great results: 

Every Word Counts

Did you know that less than 30% of words written in online articles and advertisements are actually read by consumers? This means that the majority of your content is likely getting ignored. Carefully consider every word in your ad rather than using unnecessary fluff. Getting to the point in so few words is not easy, but it is now more essential than ever.

Consider Sharability

Digital advertising is a trend that will not be fading any time soon, but it is time to think about looking beyond the screen to engage your customers. Then you can use those tactics to drive people to their mobile devices or computers to learn more. A great example is Guerrilla marketing, in which a company uses surprise or unconventional interactions to promote their products or services. These interactions spark attention that people will broadcast across social media themselves. Although a small number of people will see the event in person, think about how many people will see it once those few people share it online. 

Balance Frequency

When promoted content constantly bombards viewers, they will usually find a way to get it out of their sight or eliminate it completely. If an ad appears time and time again, a viewer may go from having no opinion on a brand to simply despising it. Don’t hit consumers with the same message repeatedly; find ways to evolve your message and enhance the consumer’s life with things like comedy, new information, entertainment, etc. Be smart about the frequency in which you advertise to them. 


Personalizing your advertisement just by adding your consumer’s name to the text no longer cuts it. Data mines can provide you with not only an individual’s name, address, and phone number, but also their most visited websites, favorite vacation spot, and the type of car they drive. If you use this information wisely, you can connect with consumers better than ever. Just make sure not to take it too far and invade their privacy.

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