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Capture your customer's hearts and their mind will follow!

Consumers buy with their emotions and justify with their intellect. Viamark Advertising creates a strategic formula to get your consumer emotionally involved with your product or service.

What is the secret?

For Viamark Advertising, storytelling is the most important part of the consumer’s journey. Producing pieces that tie emotions and intellect are our most valuable assets. We are a dedicated team of creatives that know how to grab your consumers’ attention…and capture their Hearts. Allow us to share our creative examples and case studies of our client's success.

The Philadelphia office of Viamark Advertising is a full-service marketing agency. Whether you need video production, radio advertising, media buying in the traditional space or digital space, we can make sense of it all.

When evaluating an advertising agency, creative is the differentiator. Make sure the agency understands you and your consumer. Make sure the agency knows how to create video or audio that captures your consumer wherever they go and on whatever device they use. All platforms are not created the same and your storytelling message needs to be different, depending on the platform you use for maximum impact.


Stephen Facenda



Save Money On Your Next Media Buy

HOW? Hire the Viamark Team! We have over Two Decades of experience in the Philadelphia advertising industry. We use our relationships, knowledge and experience to get you THE HIGHEST RETURN ON YOUR TV, RADIO, OUTDOOR, and DIGITAL CAMPAIGNS!

  • 01.

    We know the decision makers who run the traditional and digital platforms and they know us. This means outstanding rates based on our relationships in the marketplace. We negotiate with the managers that set the rates, not the Account Executives.

  • 02.

    We always ask for extras such as free commercials or REAL added value promotions. We know how to determine whether the added value has real value or it’s something that is thrown to pacify the client.

  • 03.

    We have preferential pricing from digital platforms like Pandora Radio.

  • 04.

    We know how to uncover open inventory opportunities, which gives us the upper-hand when negotiating for you.

Our Team

What Our Clients Say

Glenn Trommer

Philadelphia, PA

Extraordinary Advertising Strategy

I highly recommend Viamark Advertising. I have been working with Viamark for almost three years and the results of the implementation of their advertising strategy has been extraordinary. Any organization looking for an advertising agency should look no further than Stephen and Todd of Viamark.

Don Miksit

Philadelphia, PA

True Experts

Stephen Facenda and Viamark Advertising are true experts, I have worked with them dozens of times over the past decade and they do amazing work. If you are considering any type of media or advertising at all, you need to give them a call! You will most certainly be better off!

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