Your business’s visibility is important in order to reach your customers. So how do you intend to reach these customers? In the digital world, it is easy to get drowned out by the constant noise and ads from various other businesses. Instead of focusing all your efforts on digital marketing to attract customers to your physical business location, there are other offline methods that prove just as effective.


Billboards are a tried and true effective way to market your business to people in the surrounding area. Billboard ads come in many different shapes and sizes. They occupy huge boards on either side of the highway and are even located in city centers. Furthermore, you usually see these large ads while driving down the highway and remember the funny one liners. Billboard advertising can be generally inexpensive, depending on the location and how long you plan on continuing your advertisement campaign.

Roadblock Method

Another effective technique that can bring in customers is the roadblock method. Roadblocks are used to eliminate competitors from the area. It is a marketing technique where you broadcast your advertisement simultaneously on different channels, engaging a large amount of people in the process. Ideally, you want to place these marketing roadblocks around your retail (brick & mortar) location. That way, the ad is relevant to anyone in the surrounding area and you are able to capitalize on your marketing efforts. These ads can be billboards or ads located on bus stops. With thousands of vehicles passing by your ads in a specific area, your location will receive more foot traffic. Here are examples of a roadblock marketing campaign: 

Roadblock Marketing for Bus Stops - Viamark Philadelphia







Roadblock Advertising - Viamark Philadelphia



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