Making radio ads work requires strategy and engaging content. It all begins with having a good understanding of your brand and your audience as well as having a clear goal(s). This all formulates an impactful message that will captivate your listeners. What does it take to create a great radio ad?


First, consider what sets your product or service apart from others. What benefits does it provide that no other competitor can compare to? This will attract customers to your product rather than your competitors’. Your ad should do the same; it should be different from the others so that it stands out.

Emotion & Logic

The best, most enticing advertisements tend to pull some type of emotion out of listeners. However, there is a time and a place to tug on the heartstrings, and there are other times when logic is your best bet. Few people make purchases based on only one or the other; we often gravitate towards something due to our emotions, and then find a logical reason to justify our desire to purchase. Create a good balance between the two in your radio ad to reel listeners in.

Voiceover Talent

People tend to expect more professionalism from radio ads. This helps build credibility and trust towards a brand. Enhance your advertisement even more by placing subtle music and/or sound effects in the background. This reinforces the message you want to get across as well as providing an emotional undertone.


Most advertisements we see are online, on television, or on billboards. We are used to having a visual representation in front of us wherever we go. Radio, however, can not provide a visual representation; at least not a physical one. A great radio ad provokes the listener’s imagination, causing them to create a visualization themselves. 

Target Your Audience

When creating a radio ad for your product or service, you obviously want to target your audience. What this really means, though, is to really focus in on who you want to attract rather than trying to be a “one size fits all.” Don’t be afraid to exclude certain niches; if you try too hard to please everyone, you run the risk of not reaching anyone at all. Target your audience in your ad by providing content that will connect a person to what you are offering. 

Grab Attention

You have about five seconds (or even less) to grab a listener’s attention on the radio before they switch to another channel. This is called the hook, which is what sells the ad. Since all radio advertisers must implement this strategy, it can be difficult to set yourself apart. Think about what sets your product or service apart from others and use that attribute to provoke listeners’ curiosity. This will keep them listening for more details.

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