At Viamark Advertising, we believe mobile marketing is no longer a “nice to have” – it’s a must. People are now on their mobile devices more than ever. With more than 6 billion active cell phone users worldwide, mobile marketing allows you to reach your customers wherever they are. Let’s take a look at how to make the most of this essential marketing element.

Optimize For Mobile Devices

One of the most important things you can do to maximize your mobile marketing success is to optimize your site for mobile devices. This means making sure that they perform properly on all types of devices, from smartphones to tablets and beyond. Responsive web design is key here; this will ensure that your website looks great regardless of what type of device it’s being viewed on. Our marketing agency New Bern experts suggest making your text and images easily readable on smaller screens. You will also want to make certain that any videos you embed autoplay correctly on mobile devices. At Viamark Advertising, our experts can not only optimize your site but transform it into a responsive, aesthetically pleasing, design. This will help keep your bounce rate low and your ROI high.

Utilize Social Media

When it comes to mobile marketing, social media is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal. The majority of users access social media sites via their phones or tablets, not desktops. One study found that 58% of all web traffic comes from smartphones alone. If businesses want to reach those audiences on that avenue, they’ll need a social presence. Viamark Advertising can help your business create content tailored toward mobile users. When targeting specific audiences with relevant messaging, utilizing ads on these social platforms can be incredibly lucrative.

Focus On User Experience

Finally, one of the best ways to make the most out of your mobile marketing efforts is by focusing on user experience (UX). On desktop computers, navigation is relatively straightforward. On smaller screens like phones or tablets, it can often be difficult for users to navigate around websites or apps without getting frustrated or lost. This frustration can lead to potential leads leaving your content quickly before giving your services a chance. Take a moment to consider how users interact with your content. Analyze what you could be doing to ensure their experience is one of ease. Designing buttons that are easy to find and click on is just one of the ways our professionals at Viamark Advertising can improve your UI.

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Mobile marketing is quickly becoming one of the most prioritized routes for businesses looking to grow and reach new customers. From creating a mobile-friendly website to crafting captivating social media marketing campaigns, businesses can leverage this marketing method to maximize their overall success. Looking to get an edge over the competition? Our marketing agency New Bern offers marketing services in SEM, SEO, web design, social media, and more. To schedule your consultation with Viamark Advertising, visit our website today.