Have you noticed that your firm’s marketing efforts just aren’t measuring up? That means it’s time to improve your strategy. With billions of people using social media, having an effective strategy is a must if you want to succeed on the internet. Where do you start?

Understand The Platforms

Many businesses make the mistake of treating each social platform the same way. Each platform has its own personality, so recognizing the user demographics for each respective platform will help you find ways to cater to their needs. This will help you boost engagement and performance by giving you a better idea of how to market to users. Not only do you need to understand each platform’s demographics, but also why people use the platform altogether. This can help you to create distinct strategies that will suit each audience.

Know Your Audience

Each platform revolves around a different type of audience. Social media ads are not like advertising on search engine platforms where your ad is seen by anyone and everyone; they rely on how well you segment your audience. Consider what type of people you want to reach when choosing which social media platform to use. Be aware of their demographics, interests, target markets, and goals to guide your strategies.


Remarketing will help you create audiences that have had some sort of engagement with your agency, increasing the chances of converting more clients that may have been unfamiliar with your brand. You can remarket based on social engagements, focusing on an audience that has engaged with your social media pages by watching a video or liking, commenting on, or sharing one of your posts. If your agency is consistent with blog promotion, remarket to make sure that ads are relevant to the specific articles blog readers visited. 

Turn Strangers Into Customers

Turn strangers into prospects by creating brand awareness, putting out a piece of content that will educate and bring awareness. Turn prospects into leads by retargeting those who downloaded your previous content with a special offer. Finally, turn those leads into customers by hitting them with another retargeting ad. 

Viamark Advertising

Social Media is the new way to interact with customers, and it extends way beyond Facebook and Twitter. Businesses have more tools than ever before to market themselves in a way that’s nimble and affordable. We can help set up, plan, and manage a social media and networking platform that fits your unique needs. Contact us today!