Within the first few seconds of landing on your website, visitors should be able to determine what your company does as well as how to navigate to other areas of your site. If this can not be easily done, it is time to rethink your web design. Here’s what to do:

Plan It Out

Don’t just jump in and begin redesigning without constructing a well-thought-out plan first. Map out your buyer’s journey from the first time they visit your website to the second they become a customer. Understanding what a consumer is going to view, what content they will read, and what offers they will convert on will help you get leads through the sales funnel.

Remove Elements

Certain elements, such as stocky images, complicated animations, and too-long content can take away from the value of your website. Shorter but meaningful content and effective photos sectioned off by concise headers will get your main points across successfully while making a good first impression. 

Use the Right Images

The photos that you use can make or break your website. Stocky images can really take away from the authenticity of your site. Try to use photos of real people that work at your company as well as real photos of the office. If real photos aren’t an option, choose the right type of stock photos. Candids are a great option, or you can even use photos in which faces are not pictured.

White Space

White space helps to break up a page and increase readability. You do not have to fill every single space on a page. White space is responsible for content prioritization and helps position web design elements. If some pages on your website are lacking white space, consider removing some elements that are not vital to the purpose of that page.

Make Yourself Known

Make your website known online by making sure it can be found easily. This all begins with developing an SEO strategy. Consider terms that your audience would search for, but don’t get too broad. You will want to pick keywords that your audience will truly search for so you don’t attract visitors that would never convert to your product.

Mobile Optimization

In the age of smartphones, it is absolutely necessary to optimize your website for mobile. Users are extremely unlikely to return to a mobile site that takes too long to load and will instead visit a competitor’s site. Ask yourself what someone would be looking to access on your mobile site and if they would be able to do so with ease. 

Viamark Advertising

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