In today’s digital world, we have seen a transformation in advertising patterns like none other. While television and radio were once kings of marketing, digital advertisement methods through social media and search engines have now taken the forefront of marketers’ minds. With this shift in advertisement trends, is there value left in radio, print, and television marketing? Our marketing agency New Bern NC wants to share reasons why we believe radio advertising still serves its purpose in current marketing strategies. Read on to learn more!

Radio Reaches

272 million Americans consume radio every week, remaining the top consumed media source in the country. Whereas visual media is mainly limited to screens, radio transcends the need for visuals, allowing consumers to receive advertisements from our marketing agency New Bern NC without distraction or much concentration needed. Many consumers keep track of their favorite radio stations during their daily commutes, so ad placement during high volumes of listening traffic is key to brand awareness.

Radio Influences

Let’s dive into what makes radio listeners so loyal. As our marketing agency New Bern NC team mentioned, many consumers tend to listen to their favorite station during their commutes. This places a unique trust in the consumer-business relationship. Advertisements broadcasted through a consumer’s favorite station may be highly regarded by that consumer and are conveniently at the top-of-mind awareness level. This means that the time placement of advertisements can significantly impact your call to action (CTA). A live read of your ad may place additional credibility on your business, as radio personalities are strongly trusted by the station’s listeners.

Radio Targets

Radio unlocks medium-specific localization and tailoring elements that allow radio advertisement New Bern NC experts to direct their message to the station’s listener demographic. In addition to tailoring your radio advertisement in New Bern NC to the listener, our marketers can target your advertisement to run during times of high listening traffic. This ensures that you’re reaching your target market when they’re listening.

Radio Integrates

Radio reinforces your digital and traditional marketing efforts to create a seamless, well-rounded campaign. By placing your company name on another media avenue, your audience becomes more familiar with your brand. Listeners are further driven to organically search your service, which boosts your engagement and shortens the gap between your audience and lead conversion. With the help of our radio advertisement New Bern NC team at Viamark, we can simplify this process with industry-leading marketing practices to drive your customer engagement.

Viamark | Radio Advertisement New Bern NC

At Viamark, we dedicate ourselves to providing marketing solutions that solidify your credibility within your industry. With a mix of digital and traditional marketing services, we create full-funnel marketing campaigns that work for you. When it comes to audio marketing, trust the radio advertisement New Bern NC experts at Viamark. For more information about how our marketing agency New Bern NC can bring you quality results for your marketing campaigns, visit our website or give us a call.