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Client was looking for a cutting edge website to bring new potential traffic to their sales team. They needed a site that was SEO friendly and would make them stand out from the competition for new customers and partners. They also looked to Viamark to create a social media presence and initiate a campaign.

Website YoY: Users up 32%, new users up 32%, sessions up 30%, pageviews up 25%.

Paid Social Advertising Campaign: 1,319 New Likes on Facebook, Total Post engagement: 3,304, Paid reach is up 8% YoY, paid impressions up 24% YoY.

Social Media: We created their Facebook page in May 2021- it now has over 1500 followers.


Print Design & Environmentals

Backdrops and materials were created that maintained client branding during Event marketing opportunities.

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Connected Audio & Radio

Video Production

Video was created to enhance digital and social campaigns.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Viamark for two of our company websites. In both cases, the process was uniquely collaborative resulting in two websites that stand out in their respective industries. I’m proud to send prospects to them for more information. Not only are they informative but the design communicates our company culture, values and expertise.

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