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After many years in business, the client’s physical therapy practice hit a plateau. The client was using Pay Per Click, SEO, and Social Media to market their 5 locations, but needed to brand their business in order to keep up with the competition (mostly larger PT conglomerates).

Viamark took a TraDigital approach to the client's marketing by integrating traditional Cable TV and Online Video advertising with their existing digital efforts thereby reaching viewers both onscreen and online. Plus, we produced a series of web videos that have improved their online conversions. Measurable goals were set for new patient growth goals and were monitored monthly.

Today, Boston Sports Medicine has grown to 10 locations in the Boston area and continues to grow its new patient counts year after year.


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Video Production

Viamark Advertising skillfully crafts compelling narratives through video production services, capturing the essence of brands and engaging audiences with visually striking storytelling.

I was looking for a company that would get to know my business, that would be able to understand who my customers were and how to reach them. That was very important. Viamark had the expertise, they knew it all, and they did a fantastic job. They're also very diverse; so if I needed a spectrum of services, anything related to marketing and advertising, Viamark was able to deliver that too. We've done advertising on TV, CTV and a digital campaign. We were able to pay for marketing and advertising for our local customers and not have to cast as wide of a net. It was much more surgical in its approach, and much more economical for us to do it. We had customers who were telling me that they saw our TV commercials even before I saw them. And they were very impressed with them. They were running at times that were peak, and I never expected I would be getting that kind of exposure. I do feel that now there's better brand recognition after using the services of Viamark. I would definitely recommend Viamark for other businesses, and I continuously do that.

Dr. Mike Velsmid, Owner

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