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The law offices of Flexner personal injury were purchased by Jackie Houser.  What once was The Law offices of Richard Flexner became the Flexner Houser personal injury law firm.  Jackie reached out to Viamark to rebrand the firm but not lose the years of successful marketing that she purchased. It was important to keep the Flexner name for recognition and branding but to introduce Jackie Houser as the new attorney and owner.

Our mission was to design a new logo with a similar color palette and new typography, along with other visual elements. These creatives would kick off a new marketing campaign to introduce her as the owner while not losing the recognition the previous owner had established.  

We have taken inspiration from the marketing that was previously done by Richard Flexner and created a new look. This new look is currently used in all of our branding and marketing we do for them. One area this rebrand has helped is with SEO from our digital campaigns. We currently handle all of Flexner Houser’s marketing, including all digital and traditional advertising, such as radio, TV and Billboard advertising. 


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“Choosing a marketing team takes time, research, and a bit of luck. Well, we hit the jackpot when we found Viamark Advertising! They are the real deal with decades of marketing experience, a superb team who are the best in the industry, and a personal touch that has been lost in many industries. I appreciate that Viamark can help with all of our marketing needs—whether its television and radio ads, billboards, digital marketing, social media marketing, website design and management, or print. Most recently, Viamark has helped us develop our brand and our advertising niche. Their customer service is only surpassed by their marketing experience. We are so pleased to have Viamark as our marketing team.”

Jackie Houser, Flexner Houser Injury Law, Attorney at Law

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