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National Dodge GM, Robbie Yates, wanted to differentiate his dealerships social media engagement efforts from other dealers. Like most auto clients, National was using their social media platforms as a non-productive sales platform.  

Viamark used our TraDigital approach to grow the dealerships social engagement with “The National Dodge Emerald Isle Beach Weekend.”

Here’s how it worked:

First, our Radio Partners agreed to help promote “The National Dodge Emerald Isle Beach Weekend”, through live liners.

With their promotional support, and our paid Radio schedules, Radio listeners were invited to visit the National Dodge Facebook page, and post a picture of their favorite beach.

In addition to their entries, most included the reason that they wanted to visit Emerald Isle, NC.

The campaign lasted four weeks, and with the support of our Radio Creative, and partner stations, we received 268 entries, and stories from potential winners.

The Winner received:

  • A $100 Handy Mart Gas Card
  • A $100 Neuse Sport Shop Gift Card
  • A $100 Caribsea Restaurant Gift Card
  • A $100 Bojangles Gift Card
  • Two nights, and three days at an ocean front condo on Emerald Isle                                                      
  • A check from National for $500.00

All of these prizes were contributed by members of our Viamark Client Family.

The success of this campaign led to our next TraDigital Promotion; “The North Carolina Road Trip.”


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In an industry where most dealers churn and burn through agencies almost monthly, we've been in step for almost two decades. I appreciate your dedication and your boundless optimism. Thanks to you and the efforts of Viamark, we remain one of the top selling dealers in the region.

Robbie Yates

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