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PEAK is a Physical Therapy practice that was growing at about 10% per year. They were mainly using pay-per-click (PPC) to market their four suburban locations, but PPC became cost prohibitive.


A cost-effective way to increase website traffic, page views, and booked sessions.


Using our Tradigital approach, Viamark added Cable TV and Online Video advertising to our client’s existing PPC efforts, along with Search Engine Optimization to reach now buyers. This helped reduce our client’s dependence on Google’s PPC advertising. In addition, we produced a series of practice-centered videos that improved our client's online conversions.


Year over year, users increased by 57%, and new users are up 54%. Booked sessions are up by 49%, and page views increased to 91%. Pages per session are up 28%, and the bounce rate has decreased by 95%. Overall, PEAK has grown from four to 14 locations since they began working with Viamark.

Unique Fact

For campaigns like this, Viamark uses what we call our Bridgital approach. Bridgital uniquely combines anchored traditional messaging that drives broad repetition with digital messaging for targeted emotional engagement.


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Video Production

Viamark delivers award-winning video production that gets results.

In the 5+ years working with Glenn I have found that he and his team are an exceptional group to work with. They have produced multiple videos and commercials, developed our digital marketing strategy, managed our online video and TV advertising, connected me with good SEO resources, and more. Plus their video work is always spot on! We really appreciate our relationship and what we’ve been able to accomplish since working with Viamark. Let’s keep crushing it!

Eric Edelman, Owner

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