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The principal of this High-School in northeastern North Carolina was concerned about dwindling enrollment, perpetuated by the pandemic. The school's mission is to help propel “first generation” students into college. NERSBA’s digital effort, which they were relying on 100% at the time, was not helping them achieve their enrollment goals.

The Viamark solution was to fill the top of the marketing funnel, and use Radio as our primary medium to inform parents, and students about this schools unique mission. The school required branding and recognition that digital platforms cannot achieve at the bottom of the marketing funnel. We needed to populate the top of the marketing funnel, where the digital journey begins.

Here’s how it worked:

We used a limited, but effective marketing budget, and purchased four regional Radio Stations. The creative was compelling, and spoke to both parents and students. The goal of our creative was to create an emotional connection, fostering safety, trust, and immediate response.

Along with our paid Radio schedules and the promotional support of our Radio Partners, providing value-added sponsorship liners, interviews, and inventory consideration, we were able to help the school exceed their expectations.

As a result, NERSBA is planning another Radio flight in the early spring.

The campaign lasted eight weeks, and was successful due in large part to our compelling Radio Creative, and partner station's promotional support.


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"We were amazed at the response! Many parents told us that they heard the Radio ads, and went to our website for additional information. We have 25 freshmen already confirmed, so we are THRILLED!”


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