Video production can be a tough task to execute. More and more companies are integrating video into their marketing strategy, but some may not completely understand the process. The most important part of video production happens before the camera ever starts rolling, a phase known as pre-production. Follow these tips to get the best out of your video production: 

Defining your audience is always the first step, followed by developing a clear message. After these two tasks have been completed, it is time to determine your budget.


Neglecting the process of determining a budget for your project makes it hard to manage expectations and you can end up unintentionally going over budget in the end. Some elements of video production cost more than others, so you want to make sure you will not be overpromising on something you may not fully deliver on. Having a budget set ahead of time provides structure of what you can and cannot do within your project. When working with a production company, providing them with your budget allows them to produce the highest-quality content possible with the budgets you have available.


Writing a script requires critiquing and revising through several drafts. This part of the video production strategy is often understated, but it is a key part of the process. A key part of scriptwriting is to be authentic and transparent. Your viewers should view you as an expert and feel as if they can trust you and your brand. This is just a stepping stone to building those personal connections that help drive sales. 

Overestimate Your Time

Never give yourself a thin deadline if you can control it. Your best bet is to overestimate the time you will need. It is much better to have time left over than to underestimate your production time and end up rushing through filming, which can result in the need to re-film, and that adds even more time. A few things to keep in mind include unforeseen scheduling and post-production conflicts. 

Visits Locations Ahead of Time

Always visit all locations of your shoot ahead of time to get a good understanding of the space you will be working with. This will give you an idea of which ones could possibly be problematic or have limited availability, so you can consider this when scheduling. Outdoor shots will also need to be scheduled based on lighting and weather. 

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