How Does SEO Affect Our Businesses Online?

SEO is a term that is thrown around a lot in the marketing, and some people are still uncertain as to how it affects your business online. Search Engine Optimization is an ever-evolving field that needs to be developed over time and requires monitoring. Search Engines such as Google & Bing are constantly changing their algorithms in order to show more relevant results to users. Making sure that your website has the correct keywords set up and performs well on all devices is a good place to begin improving your SEO rankings.

How To Create An SEO Strategy

Creating a Search Engine Optimization strategy begins with knowing your industry. Who is your target market? What are their interests? What keywords are they using? The more specific your questions are, the more value they will be to your SEO strategy. These are a few questions you need to be asking yourself as a business owner who wants to create a solid SEO strategy. Google Analytics is a good place to start investigating your target market.

The whole point of creating an SEO strategy is not to drive as much traffic to your website as possible, but instead to attract relevant high-value visitors. This in turn means posting content that is relevant to your target market on your website. As search engines see that your website is gaining more and more views and sees related content about your industry, they will see you as an authority in your field. Granting you a higher spot in their search engine results page (SERP).

Create A List Of Topics

Keywords are at the core of SEO strategy, but they should not be the first step to creating your strategy. Instead, create a list of around 10 short terms or phrases associated with your product or service. Use Google’s Keyword Tool in order to view those particular keywords’ search volume and relevancy. Unsure how to use these tools? Here’s a guide!

As you create your list of 10 terms, you want to make sure they are popular topics relevant to your business/industry. Next, rank your list in order of priority/relevance. After you’ve completed this, it is best practice to create subtopics to come up with blog posts or web pages related to one of those 10 particular keywords. What you’re doing is creating a link between your keyword and it’s related topics within your own site.

What Can Viamark Delaware do for You?

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