What Is Radio Advertising?

Companies use radio advertising to promote their products or services over the radio. Radio stations make the majority of their revenue by selling airtime to be used for radio advertising. The most common advertisements are “spot commercials,” which typically last between 30 or 60 seconds. With a well planned strategy, you can create a memorable advertising “spot” for your business on a radio station.

How To Successfully Advertise on the Radio

The good news about radio advertising is that you can get very creative on a small budget. Anything you can think of can be created. Unlike a TV commercial, you don’t need all the expensive equipment or visual effects to create an epic sequence of events. All you need is your voice.

Similar to all forms of advertising, you must know your target audience. Correctly identifying your audience allows you to create a message that caters to them. On top of creating a message, you need to figure out what station your target audience listens to. Make a list of radio stations in your area and find out which station fits your audience best.

After finding the best station(s) for your audience you want to be sure to request that your ad runs multiple times a day. That allows the message to marinate in the minds of your listeners. You want to have your ad running often.  A listening frequency of 3.0 is the weekly goal. Meaning, an individual listener will hear your commercial at least 3 times in a week.

Write A Great Script

Your message is the star of the radio advertisement. You can have an excellent production team, actors, time-slot, but it all falls down if you do not have a great script. First and foremost, you want to listen to a lot of radio. Paying attention to what ads interest you and which one makes you want to change the station. Also paying attention to which ads are memorable after a couple hours, days, or more. Doing some research on older radio ads that have won awards is also a great way to get inspiration for your company’s radio ads. Creating an interesting and engaging script will make your audience want to pay attention and listen to your ad.

Cast Seriously

Now that you have a great script, you need to bring it to life. First, you need to hire the best voice talent for the job. Finding the correct voice for your ad is essential. Getting your voice actor to send you a small snippet of them saying a few lines will help you gauge whether you want to continue with said actor.

How can Viamark Philadelphia Help?

Overall, you want to make sure you have a good script, and the correct voice actors to bring that script to life. The Philadelphia office of Viamark Advertising delivers award winning advertising campaigns with a strong marketing backbone. Our vast national resources and unique business model allows local and regional businesses in Philadelphia to utilize the same quality advertising services that a national advertiser would expect from an ad agency.

With our years of experience in traditional marketing, we can help you create an excellent radio advertising campaign for optimal user engagement. Contact Us today and one of your experienced campaign coordinators will speak to you about our services.