It’s been said many times before, but now it’s more abundantly clear than ever: the internet is the new frontier for small businesses. We’re firmly in the computer age, after all, with more and more consumers finding what they need and want online. So, if you want your small business to succeed and compete with the bigger fish out there, then a digital transformation should be in the cards for you.

Of course, going digital can also be quite a paradigm shift for entrepreneurs who have yet to embrace it. But the fact is, this is unquestionably the logical next step for your venture, and thankfully, there are plenty of resources that can help get your small business to the next level. Let’s take a closer look at what you can leverage to this end.

Your digital identity matters.

Of course, at the core of your digital transformation is the need for a strong digital presence. And the very heart of this is your website. Indeed, the importance of a customized website is widely acknowledged, and as the face and/or shopfront of your business, this is something you don’t want to create in half measures. It’s a good idea, therefore, to have this done professionally and optimized adequately to bring in customers and boost revenue.

In this day and age, while a professional and optimized website is critical, it’s also no longer enough. You also need to have a solid social media presence in order to better reach your target audience. In fact, marketing through social media is proving to be the most efficient and extensive way of reaching customers: over 3 billion people worldwide use social media, and 54 percent of them use at least one channel to search for products and services. These numbers speak for themselves, so consider how you can effectively leverage social media to grow your business.

There’s an app for that.

Any business, regardless of size, is the sum total of many different parts—that is to say, various tasks and processes. All of which need to be given sufficient attention and TLC for the whole to be made complete. However, if you’re a small operation or a solopreneur, this can add up and may even be overwhelming in time, resulting in inefficiencies and mistakes that could end up costing the business. For this reason, it’s absolutely crucial to streamline your business, so you can avoid these pitfalls.

In this day and age, there’s no better way to do exactly that than by investing in the right apps, software, and platforms. Best of all, it’s true that there’s an app for just about everything under the sun, so name a business function and there’s likely one you can download to help you perform said task more efficiently. Take stock of your operations and identify which areas and processes could use improvement. You just might be pleasantly surprised at what a solid toolset of small business apps can do for you and your business.

Delegate to work better.

Finally, know that the best resource you can tap into as you take your business online is still good, old-fashioned manpower. The beauty of it is that now it’s much easier to find freelancers and businesses to perform a multitude of tasks for you. This way, you not only free up your time to do more worthwhile things, but you also increase efficiencies in your business.

Of course, the help you’ll need will depend on what your business specifically demands, such as:

  1. Expert web designers and advertisers at Viamark Advertising to create a professional and intuitive website for your business
  2. App developers to expand your business’s reach toward mobile and portable gadget users
  3. Social media marketers or strategists to run your social media marketing efforts
  4. A virtual assistant (or several) to perform myriad business tasks that you want to delegate
  5. An IT or cybersecurity professional who ensures that protective measures that will protect your clients and your business are in place

Having a talented, knowledgeable, and experienced team that takes these important but time-consuming ongoing projects and daily tasks off your plate will help your small business thrive. Whether you hire full-time staff members or work with freelancers to delegate these must-do items to, your business will be stronger for it.

Suffice it to say, taking your business online is really not as daunting as you might think, as long as you leverage the right tools and resources and have sufficient support. This, in itself, makes it a step worth taking. The digital age is now firmly underway, after all, and you definitely don’t want to be left behind.  Contact Viamark Advertising for any advertising inquiries and assistance today.