Paperclips.  Not much to consider there, really.  Ingenious idea.  A perfect binder for loose papers and documents.  The smallest organizer on my desk. Its silvery glow is a testament to what twisted metal can do, Then came the day i discovered gold colored paperclips.  Gold!  Ingenious idea.  Yours are silver.  Everyone else’s are silver.  Why not gold? I started to use the gold paperclip, and people noticed.  People would actually comment on my gold paperclips.  Yours are silver. Everyone uses silver (or those hideous neon colors which people only tolerate.  No one really likes those) The gold paperclip taught me a lesson.  The smallest variance from the norm stands out.  It generates conversation, and feedback.  Will a gold paperclip change your business or life?  I doubt it…but i do know this:  no one ever asked me where i purchased my silver paperclips, but more than a dozen people have asked where they can find gold paperclips for sale. The little things matter immensely. Greatly!  They get noticed.  What little thing can you alter in your marketing that makes the biggest difference in your business success?  That’s easy.  Stop talking about what’s important to you, and start talking about what’s important to your customer.  That’s easier said than done, but it’s what we do for our client family every day. So, figure out what really matters to your customer.  Relate those things in your marketing efforts.  Then, after you make them a customer for life, take a moment to send them a hand written thank you note and affix your business card inside it…with a gold paperclip. Think small.   ~Mark Storie