A surefire way to achieve unhappiness in life is to focus on the grass that’s greener on the other side. The greener side has more square footage and better credit rating. It’s got more friends, more cars, more respect. Money lives there and so does freedom. Look long enough, it’ll make you have a constant bout of the “if onlys” and a never-ending split screen in your mind of what is, and what should be. Never compare your grass to the perception of that greener side – it will keep you in misery. Better yet, compare your grass today to your grass tomorrow. See how much it’s grown – look for a wild flower here or there, find a patch with the most sun, note the dwindling weed sprouts, take respite in some shade. If a new year is supposed to inspire us to do new things, I hope one of them includes focusing on the soil beneath our own feet… and what we as individuals have the power to grow. Once that happens, learning will become more valuable than earning, success will no longer be limited to a dollar sign, fear will take a backseat to hope, and that “greener side” will be ever blocked by the view of our very own garden. Lori