There are many advantages of TV advertising and many businesses find that a well-crafted TV spot give them an effective way to appeal to their target market. Brands are able to share their products, visions, services, and ideas through television. With the rise of digital media and social media, many have turned away from traditional TV advertising. Though it is easy to get caught up in all these new media channels, now is the best time to do TV advertising.

Set Attainable Goals

The first strategy to implement in your TV marketing plan is to identify and set goals you want your commercials to achieve. Your goal could be to raise awareness on a new product you’ve recently launched. You may want to increase sales of that particular product by 10% or more. It all depends on how long you plan on airing the message to viewers. Or you may just want to raise brand awareness so that potential customers can get a positive feeling about your business. Showing an ad about what you have to offer and a call to action about your website to learn more is a good way to raise brand awareness. Making sure you set the right goals from the start will help you create a successful TV advertising campaign.

Convey Your Brand

You want to clearly show who you are and what you represent within the first few seconds of your Television ad spot. Your brand’s name, logo, and product should be displayed throughout the commercial. These will help expose your brand to people that don’t know you or your brand. Don’t be secretive and wait till the end, but also don’t over-do it.

Create A Compelling Commercial

You want to make your TV commercial memorable. Using humor is a great way to keep your brand in the mind of your viewers. It helps keep your content fun and gets you in a better position to bring in new customers. Another method that cements your product or brand into the minds of others is a “jingle” or a memorable “tagline.” These can keep a song or slogan rooted in the minds of your audience. Overall, you want to create a commercial that your viewers will enjoy and keep in mind. TV advertising helps get customers in the door only ONE time. After that, it’s up to the seller to build trust and loyalty.

How Can Viamark Philadelphia Help?

Viamark Philadelphia delivers award winning advertising campaigns with a strong marketing backbone. Our vast national resources and unique business model allows local and regional businesses in Philadelphia to utilize the same quality advertising services that a national advertiser would expect from an ad agency. We will uncover your secret weapon to craft a unique message that will generate response across all media. We have years of proven media buying experience and local media relationships in the Philadelphia market. Contact Us Today!