Viamark gives me the sense of accomplishment and control over my own career and life.

Teresa Beacham-Viamark Jacksonville


When I joined Viamark it was a no-brainer.  Albeit, a little uncertain, it was still an “I have to do this now” moment for me.  I had been in various positions in radio from sales to management and was losing my passion as consolidation was the new norm and stockholders were the most important decision drivers.  I happened to have a couple of clients that were in need of someone to take over the marketing responsibilities at a much higher level and I knew they would come right on board.  Honestly, I have never looked back.
In the beginning I did need plenty of support and I was never without, with Viamark behind me.  They were able to show me how to set up the office systems to get me rolling right away.  I saw those couple of clients immediately and within 2 months I was making money and had an income.  That is not so easy to say for a lot of new businesses.  Now, I truly value the network of all the Viamark offices and would not want to do this alone, without that support!
My first year in business I was able to spend several weeks in Maryland with family as my elderly grandmother was in her last year.  And I am grateful I was able to spend so much time with my family, at such a time.  I would not have been able to do that if I worked for someone else.  I was making money no matter where I was!  Which is now the way of the world, but then was just beginning to become reality.
Viamark is ideal for any woman, whatever your place in life is and whatever your goals are.  If you want to make good money and have the flexibility to tend to the needs of your family or children, you can do that.  If not, and you are a work-a-holic, you can do that!  Owning my own successful business, Viamark, gives me the sense of accomplishment and control over my own career and life.
It is the greatest feeling to be able to help my clients in so many ways.  With everything from a killer logo or web design that really stands out, to putting together full campaigns that produce great results.  What a great feeling!