At the core of any company success story, you’ll typically find a strategic marketing plan. A business owner will lay out his or her goals, and a marketing team will draw a map to achieve results. This map is drawn by laying out projections based on research, then adjusting and optimizing campaigns based on performance. In order to make more informed decisions for your business, clear visibility is needed in measuring and reporting your audience. At Viamark, achieving the finest quality data is the first step in achieving the best ROI for our clients. 

Targeting the Right Customer And Increasing Sales

As we progress in the digital age, gathering quality data and insight into your audience is more critical than ever before. Where your data comes from as well as how it is measured and interpreted can depict the difference between a successful or ineffective campaign. You don’t want all that hard work to go down the drain, right?

At Viamark, our ability to target through data-driven display enables the delivery of ads to your ideal potential customer. Instead of relying on pre-packaged audience segments, our platforms enable the creation of custom audiences based on individual data elements. What does this mean? Simply, we can focus on elements that can include device type, operating system, geography, browsing behavior, or even personal Customer Relationship Management (CRM) data. By delivering ads that are relevant to the user, our clients are able to market directly to their intended customers. Gone are the days of advertising to people who will never be interested in your product or service. Advertising directly to the people you know will love your product will help boost sales and increase conversions. 

Ads viewed by the audience have to do with the previous sites they visited, searched for, or read through online. Targeting ads digitally can extend beyond traditional advertising, where our platforms place the right ad directly in front of the right person. New pages and information are just a click away, and displaying a brand through data-driven advertising is crucial in improving brand awareness, engaging customers, and increasing sales. 

Quality Data – Breaking Out Of The Package 

The ability to customize an audience strategy around distinct consumer characteristics offers unlimited opportunities for relevant advertising. Our access to unstructured data enables campaigns to target, bid, optimize, and report at an individual data element level. This means that the targeted audience is created based on individual attributes of the user, rather than a pre-packaged audience. Knowing who they are, where they are located, and what they are searching for allows for specific audience targeting based on your marketing objectives. In other words, we are able to see the intent and actions of a potential customer much easier.

Imagine that you are a retail clothing store aiming to target people who are interested in a certain clothing brand, love the color pink, and live in a specific neighborhood. Here at Viamark, we can help you do just that. 

Individual data elements like customer location (as specific as a building like a competitor’s location), contextual content (such as an auto site), keywords searched (for a specific brand, service, or more info about a certain topic), and browsing behavior (likely to engage or a “high intent” user) can be used to create an audience and then optimize your campaign with the same element-level control. In comparison to other marketers who only use structured data, which typically includes data such as phone numbers, addresses, and dates, the data we have access to is unstructured, like video files, images, audio files, and more. 

Our partnerships with platforms across the web provide this data without the limitations of pre-packaged audience segments. This means that audiences are dynamic– instead of being tied down to specific segmentations, an audience can evolve as the campaign changes. The quality of this data is critical and can be a defining factor in improving overall campaign performance, particularly with location targeting. 

We live in an age where mobile and OTT/CTV-based impressions are distinctively rooted as the primary growth drivers for digital advertising. If you want those impressions to count as a local advertiser, accurate location data is an incredibly valuable asset. How do we achieve this for our clients? Simply put – we use data that is the most recent and most accurate. Here’s how it breaks down. Our platforms use “actual” GPS data, rather than derived latitude/longitude points such as IP addresses or cell tower-derived data. Data science methods and filtration are then applied to GPS data to remove anything incomplete or duplicated. The same accuracy that is used to deliver the ads is also used to report on the ad performance, providing real-time optimization and geographic insight. 

Measuring Success

Discovering the audiences that drive engagement and sales has never been more critical. Our reporting capabilities can help determine which audiences will drive engagement and sales effortlessly. More granular insights into audience behavior and preferences allow for an understanding of what drives people to online or physical locations. Examples of reporting capabilities include: 

  • Targeted audience stats
  • Device stats
  • Creative breakdown stats
  • Supply source breakdown stats
  • Geographic stats
  • Contextual categories stats
  • Conversions stats

Knowing what is critical to our clients is imperative when it comes to assessing results. Here at Viamark, we analyze the overall campaign goal dependent upon awareness, spend, engagement, conversions, or video. The assessment of metrics needed depends on the marketing objectives our client is trying to achieve. A business looking to grow sales will have reports of different metrics than a campaign to increase brand awareness. Reports are created using visualization types to make data easier to consume, analyze, and find trends. With the ability to measure attribution sources, future campaigns can be set to exceed their potential. 

As companies seek to maximize the value of their digital marketing investments, the ability to measure and report is crucial to success. Tracking progress of a campaign allows for optimization in real time. By depicting what strategies are and are not working, adjustments can be made to increase overall performance almost immediately. Increased insight and understanding of a campaign and its audience provides a key opportunity to optimize an investment in the digital age. 

Viamark Advertising

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