Geofencing is a proven way to get your business more sales, engagement, and loyal customers. Not quite familiar with geofencing yet? It is the use of GPS satellite network and/or local radio-frequency identifiers like Wi-Fi nodes or Bluetooth beacons to create virtual boundaries around a location. Businesses can section off a geographic area and communicate with devices in that space. So what does this actually do for them?

Geofencing can trigger immediate sales and give businesses a sneak peek at shoppers’ mindsets. It can send off product offers or promotions to consumers’ smartphones when they trigger a search in a particular geographic location. One of the biggest benefits of geofencing is online marketing because it can help with the following: 

Enhance Local Sales

Geofencing assists in improving your local performance over time. You can target local customers in a defined geographic area by, for example, serving ads for your business after they have visited a competitors’ location. Including enticing, limited-time offers to increase sales from local customers. Imagine walking past a coffee shop and then receiving an ad letting you know about a buy one, get one free coffee deal. You’ll be much more likely to return. Local optimization in instances such as this proves to be valuable for most businesses. You are more likely to increase sales and loyalty by providing incentives, sharing rewards, and asking for feedback from your customers. 

Add Depth to Analytics

It can be hard to track all the details about what brought a customer into your shop, unless you have the time to stand and chat with every person who walks in. However, if they are coming in due to the promotions from geofencing, Viamark’s reporting contains many metrics you can use to measure the success of your campaign. Compared to the natural foot traffic that comes into your store, a geofencing campaign can attribute a lift from visitors who have seen your ad before stopping in to shop or eat. The “lift” you can measure will also help you gauge the effectiveness and return of your campaign when you also calculate offline data. The retailer is able to reach customers beyond the store, increase the value of purchases per customer, and optimize afterward through the analytics.


Geofencing allows you to collect data in order to personalize customer offers. You will receive demographics about the local population who have been served your ad, along with the way they interacted (or not). If you have access to your business’ purchase history, our results can show you if local customers are more drawn to certain promotions if your sales numbers are aligned with what you have promoted. This kind of information allows you to alter your promotions in the future to fit their needs and desires. This can help you prevent cluttering your customers with unwanted advertisements and actually giving them the promotions they really want to see. Make sure you don’t bombard your customers with constant notifications; consider how often you want to see ads as a hypothetical user. Viamark has a great strategy of balancing frequency by placing caps on every campaign line. While you want to serve your ad multiple times to each user over the course of its flight, we ensure that there are both daily caps, as well as lifetime caps put into place.

How to Implement Geofencing

All you need to get started with geofencing is a list of strategic addresses that we will draw out into GPS coordinates. When meeting with Viamark, we will help you make sure you understand your customer demographics to ensure that the promotions you use are going to be successful and give you the best results. We will help you make sure your call-to-action is clear and requires immediate action so consumers will want to make their way to your location.

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