If you’re looking to dive into digital marketing with your business, you’ve probably heard the term “SEM.” However, what does SEM stand for and why is it important? Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a form of digital marketing that utilizes search engine technology to drive traffic to your website. In other words, it helps get people interested in your product or service and brings them directly to your site. From Viamark Advertising, here’s what to know about SEM, and why it’s vital for digital marketing success.

What Does SEM Stand For?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is an acronym and umbrella term for all the strategies used to increase visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs). These strategies include paid and unpaid tactics by our marketing experts at Viamark Advertising. Paid tactics like pay-per-click (PPC) advertising are designed to get immediate results while unpaid tactics like SEO are there to drive long-term organic traffic to your website.

How Does SEM Work?

Now that we’ve answered the question “what does SEM stand for,” we can dive into how it works. SEM works by using keywords or phrases that are related to your business’s product or service. Your goal is for users searching for these terms to find your website in the SERPs instead of a competitor’s website. To accomplish this, our Marketing Agency New Bern will use a combination of SEO and PPC campaigns that use these keywords strategically. This includes optimizing your website content and metadata, utilizing PPC ads, and creating landing pages optimized for conversions. Depending on how competitive the keyword or phrase is, you may need additional strategies such as link building or local SEO optimization. That’s where our strategists at Viamark Advertising can help!

Why Is SEM Important?

SEM is important because it increases the visibility of your website in search engine results. This means more people will see your website when they make a relevant search query and have a better chance of finding what they’re looking for on your site instead of a competitor’s site. Additionally, SEM with a Viamark Advertising professional helps build trust with customers because they see that you are actively trying to be found online which shows effort on your part. This can result in higher conversions as customers feel confident about doing business with you.

Viamark New Bern | Viamark Advertising

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) with Viamark Advertising is a great way for businesses to generate more visibility online and reach potential customers who may not have found them through organic search methods. With its relatively low cost compared to other forms of advertising, and its ability to track performance data and optimize campaigns, it’s no wonder why so many businesses rely on SEM as part of their digital marketing strategy. Looking for answers to questions like “what does SEM stand for?” Keep an eye out for more digital marketing topics on our blog. To learn more about our marketing agency New Bern services and how they can benefit your business, visit our website today!