What is it?

The first question is “What is video pre-roll?” Simple, it’s the video you see on YouTube, Facebook or before the news, weather, sports, or other video content on a website.

What Does this mean to you?

Your pre-roll campaign can be narrowly targeted based on the demographics of your customers: age, gender, income, geography, etc. This makes video pre-roll one of the most cost-effective and efficient advertising vehicles available.

It’s hyper-targeted advertising that’s less expensive and highly trackable. You will know exactly how many people viewed your ad and the number of people that clicked through to your website.

Broadcast and Cable TV still works for many of our clients, with more consumers changing where and how they watch their favorite shows and video content, adding video pre-roll to your media mix is a smart move.

Make Your Mark

With Viamark you’ll have access to video pre-roll inventory on over 40,000 local and national websites. Plus, Viamark offers you amazing creative that makes the biggest impact to create more results and ROI.

Contact us today, and we’ll discuss your marketing needs, business goals and show you how to implement video pre-roll advertising as a strong addition to your marketing strategy.

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