We are the most disconnected, connected society in history. We go to dinner with our families, and immerse ourselves in games, texting, and Google searches. We are together, yet we are not. Did you just text me from across the table? Really?! Savvy brands of every size are tackling this disconnect with an old school tool; “grassroots marketing.” The act of immersing a product and culture in an environment that creates a one-to-one connection. Concerts, and festivals, are great platforms for interacting with consumers, and making them fans. In an era of disconnected connectedness, grassroots is where you reassert your brand position. It’s a way to embrace and energize your tribe. Showing up is important, but so is the understanding of how grassroots events must be managed to propel a brands prominence. Marketing, sampling, and educating are three key parameters to making grassroots effective. How do you ensure these three elements are incorporated effectively? How do you maximize grassroots opportunities? Want to reconnect with, and create new fans? Consider grassroots opportunities as one of the essential tools in your marketing scheme. We like it when you show up, and pay attention to us. ~Mark