Who Are You?

That’s a fun question to ask of another. What a wonderful conversation starter.  Once asked, you’ll normally get a quick, tertiary response, with nominal depth. But, I want to know who you are below the surface.  What’s the architecture of your soul? What do you stand for?  Your politics are of little interest.  Your beliefs about the universe matter not.  No.  I want to know what makes you a grand human being here and now, from within. What makes you cry when you see it, or hear it?  How do you express affection, and caring for others?   Especially the people you do not know.  Who helped shape that grand human being within you?  Tell me about them.

I have a servant’s heart.  I seek to help, encourage, and build-up.  Yes, at times I fail on a grand scale.  We all do. It’s part of this human experience.  I don’t need to be perfect.  I simply need to care, genuinely.  Share openly, and protect fiercely.

I was recently asked “who” is Viamark?  On the surface, we’re just an ad-firm.  Honestly, not one of the noblest professions around.  We operate in an industry where fraud, and the misappropriation of a client’s money and trust occur, often.  I have stories.  The kind of stories that have sent misguided people to jail.

Viamark  was created to protect the interest of our client family. Honestly, if clients understood our heart, and our mission, they would beat a path to our door.  Why don’t they?  Maybe we suck at marketing ourselves?  I have never felt comfortable telling another human being why we are a better agency. Instead, I relate that we can produce great creative (we can), that our fee structure makes it affordable for local clients to get great results (It’s true!), and that some of our core clients have been with us for almost a quarter of a century. But, the “who” of Viamark is really this:

  • We care about our client family, deeply.
  • We strive to make every aspect of their marketing experience, better.
  • We take our clients success, personally.
  • We are fair to our clients, always.
  • We do the right thing for our clients, passionately.
  • We apologize when we make a mistake, and we make it right.

That’s our “who”.  Now that you know this, how can Viamark help you craft your “who” into a marketing campaign that resonates with your potential customer?  People want to know who you are.  The want to see you as real.  They already have an idea about what you do.  Now, tell them why you do it.

But first, tell me… “Who are you?”