Look at You!

Look at you. You have such a lovely store. Dare we say…an even lovelier location.

In fact, you would be the first to admit, “Our location is the best marketing money we’ve invested.” And you’re right, it is.

Your interior design is incredible. Your inventory is phenomenal. You decided to make sure your store and your products make a bold statement about you and your business. “Our products are well worth the extra money they will invest.” Agreed.

This is Great

And now you have the perfect TV concept in front of you. It helps convey everything your customers need to know, and it will absolutely garner the attention, the hearts, and the purse strings of the consumers you are targeting. “This is great!” you say. “It’s exactly what we’ve been looking for. An absolute homerun! How much will this cost?”

We give you the price – an exceptionally modest one by industry standards. And then comes the response. “What! Why would I pay THAT?”

The real question is, why wouldn’t you? You’ve got the grand location, the great style, the amazing inventory, and now it’s time to show it to the masses.

And now you want to go cheap?

Listen, no business deserves second-rate production. So don’t forget to invest in the third most important thing of all: how the world sees you.