The concept of the Tradigital approach to marketing is a fairly recent one. It involves combining both the traditional and digital space of advertising. Benefiting from each of their strengths and aligning marketing efforts in order to maximize success. As a society, we are exposed to various forms of digital media and not just traditional channels like television and radio. The invention of the Internet has given us new avenues to receive and give information. New marketing strategies are needed that take this into consideration without losing share in local markets.

Traditional vs. Digital

We still view television, but in different ways, we view YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, etc., these are all forms of television. The same goes for Radio. Radio isn’t just what is on local stations, but now there is also Internet radio that can be heard around the world like Pandora, or Spotify. When the walls between traditional and digital media are broken, the art of Tradigital comes into play. Instead of solely relying on traditional forms of media to relay your message to a wide audience, digital media allows for a set audience to be targeted.

Focus Your Dollars Effectively

People still spend significant hours consuming TV and Radio, yet they are no longer as reliant on them as their only sources of information. Traditional media (TV and Radio) is a better vehicle for reach and frequency, it allows you to get your product and message to a larger audience (reach) where they will hear or see your message more (frequency).  Strategically aligning these strengths with the benefits of digital targeting and reporting focuses marketing dollars.  It efficiently reaches consumers as they build a relationship with your brand via traditional channels and continues as they research your business’ products and services via digital platforms. Practicing a Tradigital approach to marketing increases conversion rates and gives your company an advantage. Cutting unnecessary costs and being much more efficient and effective with your marketing dollars and reaching your target audience.

Create Unique Content

Another key part of digital media presence is content. Unique, sharable, and up-to-date content is a must. A marketing mix that is focused on creating great content makes your website interesting and appeals to your audience. Not only will new content keep your audience interested, but it will also help build trust and positive brand awareness to current and potential clients. The voice of your business must remain consistent while the customer must be able to find the same type of information, graphics and message. It is important your website is able to work on all platforms and devices. The responsiveness of your website on different platforms will also improve your ranking on Google. Continuity is crucial when mixing traditional and digital media together. Your website should reflect both your physical location (store) and business’ voice. Making sure your business slogan is consistent on all forms of media and ads is important.

A Tradigital Approach

Combining traditional and digital media into a single Tradigital approach is the best way to market to consumers in our growing digital world. Traditional media used to be the only way to advertise, but now digital media is taking the world by storm. But they risk losing that local market voice by abandoning all traditional avenues.  It has been shown that digital campaigns have increased KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) when integrated with traditional campaigns.  This lift in digital activity is the goal of Tradigital marketing.  It will create a better user experience for potential customers and will generate an impressive ROI for your business. Consumers who use multiple devices for their media consumption have higher incomes and spend more than consumers who just rely solely on traditional or digital. The reality of our culture today is that we now cram 12 hours per day in media and tech usage.  Utilizing both traditional and digital platforms in a strategic campaign creates a measurable lift that will maximize marketing effort for businesses. Therefore, switching from a traditional only or digital only approach to a Tradigital approach is the best method.

How Can Viamark New Bern Help?

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