Local Advertising Agency in New Bern, NC.

The New Bern office of Viamark Advertising delivers award winning advertising campaigns with a strong marketing backbone. This means spike-the-needle performance for your ad dollars, along with a wealth of local expertise and knowledge to help you get results more quickly.

Our vast national resources and unique business model allows local and regional businesses in Eastern North Carolina to utilize the same quality advertising services that a national advertiser would expect from an ad agency. We will uncover your secret weapon to craft a unique message that will generate response across all media….and we have years of proven media buying experience and local media relationships in North Carolina. It’s all about creating a results-driven strategy. No one does it better. It’s why Viamark Advertising is one of the fastest growing ad agencies on the east coast. And why you’ll see meaningful results for your business in Eastern North Carolina area.

Viamark’s Creative Thought Process is Unmatched

At Viamark, our campaigns are based on sound thought process that has proven results. It also doesn’t hurt that they carry a national quality look most local businesses in Eastern North Carolina could never afford….until now. Some of our local clients you may recognize including: (Bojangles, Neuse Sport Shop, NC Wesleyan College, National Dodge VW Subaru), just to name a few

Find out more about our exciting ad agency, contact Mark Storie or Jennifer Kingman.

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