Why Video Production?

Video production is an essential part of presenting our ideas, especially in today’s media filled world. The internet is filled with videos, it could be promotional, live video, or a personal video. Social media is becoming a larger part of society because it is a constant feed of video. We live in a world where we expect more than text and we want to gain something from what we see. Whether that be an exciting clip or an informative video, it circulates quickly around the internet. 

The average user spends more than 80 percent more time on a website with video. That means if businesses want to grab attention of consumers, they need video production throughout their digital marketing strategy. The challenge that most companies face is how to incorporate video content into their overall marketing strategy which includes the following:

  1. Figuring out how to get it
  2. Assessing how much money to spend
  3. Determining how frequently to use it

In order to find the solution to these problems, you must first figure out who you want to deliver this video content to.

Plan It Out

Creating a successful video takes a plan. The video should target the right audience, and it should also keep the company’s brand and message in mind. The kind of video should also match the platform it will be featured on. If it is a video for your website, it is expected to be a promotional. It should spark interest about your product or service and want customers to learn more and look further on your site.

If it is a short creative video, it’s probably going to be one that you would want to post on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. It should be less self-promotional and more focused on topics that interest your followers. Even informative topics that interest your audience will help them engage with your brand more often on social media.

Effective Creative Marketing

Be creative when creating your video content. You want to make your video production stand out among others. However, it does not need to be over the top. There needs to be a balance between being creative and creating a solid call to action for your viewers.

Your video should be entertaining as well. A video that has millions of views, but generates little online conversion and comments shows that there was a significant paid media budget, but the creative part did not lead to organic sharing.

The end conversions may be significant, but the amount spent does not justify that your company met their end goals.

You want the opposite to be true when it comes to making a creative video. Ideally, you want the video to receive millions of views that has engaged and inspired the right viewers and influencers. Plenty of comments and online conversions indicate that the video found the audience.

What Can Viamark Philadelphia Do For You?

The Philadelphia office of Viamark Advertising delivers award winning advertising campaigns with a strong marketing backbone. Our vast national resources and unique business model allows local and regional businesses in Philadelphia to utilize the same quality advertising services that a national advertiser would expect from an ad agency.

With our years of experience in digital, video and traditional marketing, we can help you create an excellent video advertising campaign for optimal user engagement. In order to learn more about video production and how we can help you create an effective one, contact Stephen Facenda at 610-667-MARK (6275) or visit our website here.