Using Google My Business


There are so many crucial components in the digital marketing landscape that’s it’s hard to know exactly where you should invest your time, money, and energy. Google My Business isn’t a new marketing tool, but it is a free essential tool that every business should be utilizing. Our marketing agency New Bern recommends using Google My Business for several reasons, but its biggest strength is its value as a tool in SEO strategy.


Whenever potential customers are looking for a product or service near them, they’re more than likely going to flock to Google to see what businesses are around them. Google My Business gives your customers easy access to all of your information – your hours of operation, phone number, directions, and website. Not only can your customers have all of this information at their fingertips, but they can also get directions to your business for easy conversion.

Getting Started

All you need to start using a Google My Business account is to create a Google account and then claim your business. You can claim your business through a postcard, phone call, email, instant verification, or bulk verification. Once you claim your business, it will allow you to control the information Google displays about your business. This means you can control reviews and be the first to know what customers are saying about you.

Increasing Your SEO Strategy

If you’re not familiar with an SEO strategy and what it can do for your business, know that it’s how to increase rankings for your website or business on search engines. Our marketing agency New Bern can help to increase your business rankings to help you show you up first. Rankings are what search results show up first for your potential customers when searching specific keywords or terms. The higher your business is on the list, the more likely your customers will think your business is relevant to their search. Google My Business Posts allow your SEO credibility to grow by using relevant keywords in posts for your business to ensure you remain at the top of the GMB listings.

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