In order for any organization to get ahead of the competition, video is a crucial tactic utilized in a successful marketing campaign. The first step towards increasing your customer base and sales is brand awareness, with video being a viable strategy to achieve this. Video is not just a powerful tool, but it is the primitive marketing tool in increasing brand awareness across a variety of platforms. At Viamark, advertising agency New Bern, we accentuate the benefits of video marketing to increase brand awareness for our clients. Whether you are focusing on paid advertising, digital marketing, or more traditional television advertising, video is the future of marketing and will continue to be made prominent in the upcoming years. 

Video is continuing to grow in popularity and importance, which means it’s vital to stay on top of the latest advances to create a strong digital video marketing strategy. According to 88% of marketers, video marketing provides them with positive ROI. When you consider that only 33% said the same in 2015, it shows that consumer sentiment toward videos is much stronger now. Through video, you have the ability to reach your target audience in a profound way through storytelling and message-driven advertisements. By displaying the mission of your business in an authentic and empathetic tone, consumers will be more receptive to your brand as a whole and continue to return to your practice or product in the future.  

Although there is no doubt about the power of video, almost 42% of businesses are still not currently taking advantage of this advantageous digital marketing tactic! The potential media value on social platforms is high as homeowners are much more likely to engage with this content over a static ad. According to HubSpot Research, four of the top six channels on which global consumers watch videos are social channels. Video helps build top-of-mind awareness that can funnel into more leads for a business. This same video can be utilized within YouTube as an add-on to the search campaigns. Utilizing the same keywords within search to build a custom intent audience that will be receptive to the message and will view your ad before watching other content on the platform.  Video collateral could also be utilized for any SEO campaign. Video has consistently shown a major increase in organic traffic from search engine page results (SERPS) for advertisers across all industries, as it is much more likely to show on a first-page result.

To remain ahead of the competition and keep your brand at the top of mind, video should be a key component of any marketing strategy. Although it may seem unsettling at first, Viamark Advertising, is here to help your business utilize video for optimal campaign performance as NC’s premier advertising agency New Bern. With our years of experience in digital, video and traditional marketing, we can help you create an exceptional video campaign for optimal user engagement. Contact us today, and we’ll discuss your marketing needs, business goals and show you how to implement video as a strong addition to your marketing strategy.