When thinking of the words “audio” and “advertising” together, your brain might automatically jump to the local radio commercials you listen to in your car on the way to work. While you aren’t wrong to consider this as a form of audio advertising, there are so many others for Viamark, an innovative  advertising agency in NC to showcase as well. Audio advertising encompasses any form of advertising you can listen to, which means that the digital world is growing and evolving traditional radio and TV, and adding highly engaged online streaming services. 

What is it? 

Programmatic audio or audio advertising is automated insertion and selling of ads in audio content such as podcasts, digital radio, and music streaming services like Spotify, Pandora and iHeart Radio. The commercials that pause your jam session for 30 seconds ring a bell now, right? This audio content can be streamed on numerous devices like desktops, mobile phones, gaming consoles, smart televisions, and smart speakers. 

How does it work?

Audio Advertising Agency In NC | Viamark Advertising

Similar to other advertising tactics done by Viamark, an advertising agency in NC, audio advertising allows you to layer on targets such as relevant geolocations and select audiences based on your digital advertising strategy. For example, you are sitting in traffic, listening to your favorite podcast host, and all of a sudden, they start to explain a new product they have been using and absolutely love. Because you are an avid listener to the show, you gain interest and continue to hear about said product, say a bath mat. The exclamation only lasts a few seconds, and then it’s back onto the show topic. But, the next time you are out looking for a bath mat, there’s a greater chance of you looking up that one you heard about from your podcast. Boom, audio advertising in action. 

Why audio advertising?

The average United States adult will spend more time listening to digital audio than the radio in 2020 according to eMarketer. If that isn’t reason enough to start streaming audio advertising, it also allows you to hone in on users’ interests and other first-party data. Streaming audio advertisements with Viamark, an advertising agency in NC can easily identify the right users at the right time to create a personalized and more relevant ad experience. 

During the Pandemic Streaming Audio Has Increased!

Americans are already spending almost 12 hours each day with the media, and that time could grow by 60% as folks spend more time indoors.  Now, with more individuals working from home during the COVID Pandemic, streaming audio has seen a +32% increase of total average daily audio streaming hours.  Music streaming has seen more than 30% increase and podcasts have seen a 13% increase. Since the start of the pandemic, according to comScore, Pandora has seen a 42% increase in hours streamed.  One possible reason for these statistics, is that  according to Nielsen, 42% of consumers say that radio has helped them with the outbreak.  

Viamark Advertising Agency In NC

As the top advertising agency in NC, Viamark understands the urge to focus on the most innovative and trendy advertising tactics. But, it is also important to utilize tools that stay consistent in popularity; the classics. Technology can evolve, but the act of simply listening will never vanish. This, in itself, makes it a step worth taking. Contact Viamark Advertising agency in NC for any advertising inquiries and assistance today.