In order for any organization to be successful in the digital age, paid advertising is a crucial tactic utilized to get ahead of the competition. Digital ad spending is the fastest-growing segment in advertising, including campaigns across desktops, laptops, and mobile devices (Statista, 2019). Paid advertising gives businesses the ability to hypertarget their audience in a way like never before, as well as an opportunity to measure campaign progress in real time. For those businesses looking to surpass their competitors, making paid advertising a priority is necessary and can be used to expand one’s customer base, increase ROI, and improve brand awareness across various platforms. At Viamark, advertising agency New Bern, we utilize paid advertising to advance our client’s agenda and improve their digital presence.

What is paid advertising or search engine marketing?

Online paid advertising includes any type of advertising that is paid for and used to drive traffic to websites. Paid advertising comes in many different forms online and some options available are more effective than others.  The most common method of paid advertising is pay per click, and was made popular by platforms such as Google or Bing. Pay per click (PPC) or search engine marketing allows businesses to pay per each click they receive on an ad. Compared to traditional advertising models, this tactic can often save businesses money and time as they are online marketing to individuals who are searching directly for their product. 

Why utilize paid advertising?

In the world of digital marketing, paid advertising allows an array of opportunities to reach your target customer. Through paid advertising, you can target people specifically looking for keywords related to your brand. Instead of wasted efforts on people who will not purchase your product, search advertising places your brand in front of the people who are looking to purchase or come across your services.  Ads are displayed as they search for terms, ask questions, or locate the nearest shop. These keywords present an opportunity for your company to be the answer to the consumer’s questions while they search the web for various options.

When a paid advertising campaign has been established,  businesses’ have the ability to leverage their understanding and insight on a target audience. An increased audience reach gives you an option to deliver quality insight to more people who can easily be converted and drive sales. At Viamark,  an advertising agency in New Bern NC, we are increasingly seeing new ways to connect brands and their customers through the platforms of paid advertising. In conjunction with creative content and SEO management, a consistent and effective paid advertising plan is precisely what every business needs to be successful in the digital age.