Your business isn’t a static being. Over time your products, services, and even employees change. So why shouldn’t your digital marketing? Using all the latest tools to let your loyal customer base and even potential customer learn more about your business and what’s going on can help make you a staple in your community. Whether it’s a quick social post or Google Business Profile post, or even something more in-depth such as a weekly newsletter using a marketing agency New Bern can help you share the daily events of your business to the world.

Social Media

Social media is the perfect way for a business to share its day-to-day operations. A well-thought-out social post can help bring a personality to your business that makes it easier for the community to connect to. Learning more about new specials, events, and employees can help keep your business a foremost thought in the community. Using a marketing agency New Bern your business can create a detailed social media plan to connect with both new and current customers on a regular basis.

Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile, GBP for short, is often a forgotten method to reaching out to your community. Consistent posts can help potential new customers see what you have going on, and most importantly the services that you offer. Using GMBs to highlight your businesses’ specialties can help differentiate yourself from competitors in the same field.


A lot can happen in a week. A newsletter is a perfect way to share all the happenings of your business in one place. A well-designed digital newsletter can help give your loyal customers a summary of what is happening or has happened keeping them engaged with the business. In certain cases it also allows you to provide sales promotions to attract new customers who may not be regulars yet, while also thanking your loyal customers for their patronage.

Marketing Trends With Viamark Marketing Agency New Bern

At Viamark, marketing agency New Bern, we use the latest and most effective marketing trends to advertise your business. Our creative thought process is unmatched, and we can guarantee to help set your business apart and be the most relevant in its industry. Our campaigns and strategies are based on proven results, and we understand every business is unique and requires a different approach. If you’re struggling with marketing your business or finding your target audience, Viamark Advertising can help you. Contact us today or visit our website for more information regarding our services.