As digital marketing is expanding, the ways to advertise are endless. Traditional methods such as billboards and print ads are still in use, but digital marketing is what is going to get your business out to the world. Display and video ads are used by businesses everywhere to reach their target market. Before you dive in to digital marketing you will want to determine which ad is best for your business. Ask yourself, who is my target market, and what platform can reach them in the best way?

Display Ads

A display ad is placed on websites that use Google Adsense. Your ad is placed on websites that are most relevant to what your are trying to advertise. For example, if you are an auto body shop, your ad will be placed on automotive websites that are in your surrounding area, to appeal to those who are researching automotive online.

  • Pros: These ads will build brand awareness. Online users will see your ad and can recognize your logo and color scheme. You want to make your ad colorful and eye catching to make sure it will stick in consumer’s minds.
  • Cons: Online users are so used to seeing ads on websites, they have become blind to them. They may glance over your ad while they visit the website, but they are focusing on the content of the website.

Search Network Ads

This advertisement is displayed to users who are actively searching for something online. Using the example of the body shop business, you will select keywords like “autobody” and “repairs” to help target your audience.

  • Pros: This is better than a display ad because you can reach users actively looking for your service or product, so if you grab their attention you can drive them to make a purchase. In a display ad, you can be showing your product to anyone who has searched a topic relevant to your business. They may be reading an automotive blog, and need your service one day, but they may not be actively looking for a body shop.
  • Cons: It is going to take you a few tries to find the right keywords to get results. You will need to test out multiple keywords to find the most popular ones to drive users to your business’s page.

Video Ads

A video ad is a video that is incorporated in viewing experiences such as YouTube and Facebook videos. It has growing popularity, making up 80% of online content. YouTube has a free business app that makes it easy for small businesses to create and upload video ads.

  • Pros: YouTube makes the video process simple for even the smallest businesses. Once you create your video ad, you can upload it through YouTube’s business app and it will guide you through targeting based on your set demographics.
  • Cons: Creating a video can take a lot of work which is why many businesses stray away from it. You will need to write, produce, shoot and edit this video which may be an investment, but the results will pay off.

Radio Ads

Netflix and Hulu have taken over television and Pandora and Spotify are taking over radio. A radio ad is run on these streaming websites and is presented to specific listeners based on demographics.

  • Pros: Just like display ads, a radio ad is going to build brand awareness. Your ad will be broadcasted to listeners in your area.
  • Cons: Building brand awareness is great, but you are going to need to stand out to do it. Listeners can easily stop listening if you don’t catch their attention. A great radio ad is going to need a jingle or attention catching song to keep users listening.

How Can Viamark New Bern Help Your Business?

Viamark New Bern is renowned for their creative ways of marketing in various media forms. Our creatives for both traditional and digital media are eye-catching and high-converting, ensuring that each and every one of our clients put their best foot forward when presenting their brand to their target audience.

With our years of experience in digital and traditional marketing, we can help you create an excellent traditional/digital advertising campaign for optimal user engagement. Contact Us today and one of your experienced campaign coordinators will speak to you about our services.