The end of 2020 is finally approaching, with the holiday season being the only thing to separate us from the new year. Due to the COVID-19 virus restricting most in-store shopping and holiday outings to the comfort of your own home, companies are going to have to get creative with how they market themselves this year. Deciding how your business is going to advertise this year can be tricky, which is why using an advertising agency New Bern such as Viamark can be so helpful. Get a few pointers from this list of tips, or transfer the troublesome task to Viamark New Bern advertising agency. 

Preseason Prep

Having a plan for when the holiday rush begins can directly correlate with the results of your campaign. Preparation includes having a detailed marketing plan in place weeks or months ahead of the season to reach and engage with customers via their favorite digital marketing platforms. Managing social media accounts, email, streaming, and a website can become a hassle for one person, even while using a content management platform. If you’re experiencing headache after headache trying to keep up with each account, hiring an advertising agency New Bern such as Viamark to take over the role, freeing up valuable employees to help elsewhere. 

Smartphone Savvy

Smartphones are everywhere now, which means you have an amazing opportunity to reach hundreds of thousands of people, everywhere they go. Ensure that your website is optimized to be mobile-friendly this year or you could miss out on 42% of total business from online shoppers according to Adobe. This doesn’t stop at your site switching from desktop to mobile view, if your site doesn’t load within three seconds you’ll experience bounce rates and loss of sales. 

The Essence of Emails

Think about how many emails your customers are receiving this holiday season. Do you want to be another that gets looked over and deleted with one click, like the rest of the simplistic nontargeted holiday email advertisements? Email ads can be a surefire way to gain direct traffic from campaigns to your website by simply having an irresistible subject line and captivating content. Going the extra mile by adding in “shortcodes” to customize ads with the customer’s name can really catch their attention. 

The Key is Keywords

Using keywords for a targeted audience will increase traffic to any site through SEO. Using specific keywords that you want your brand and merchandise to rank for is a vital component to holiday ranking, or ranking at all. Keywords can be for your specific brand, the holiday you are marketing for, or “BOGO”, “50% OFF” or “FREE SHIPPING”.

Viamark Advertising Agency New Bern

Customers are mobile and digitally savvy today than ever before, and with the holiday season on the rise, COVID lingering amongst us, online seasonal gift shopping is expected to skyrocket (even more than usual) this year. Don’t get caught with not being prepared for the buying bustle, and optimize your website layout, keyword usage, and advertising efforts. If it’s too much to handle, rely on Viamark advertising agency New Bern to get you through this holly and jolly holiday season, contact us today.