Patient Recruitment Is About More Than Collecting Data.

Clinical trial advertising should never be trial and error. It takes powerful messaging, a strong digital strategy, and years of experience working together to create a clear and effective patient recruitment process.

Over the past ten years, we’ve worked with the world’s top CRO’s and pharmaceutical companies on centralized campaigns for a variety of studies throughout North America. Today, we have worldwide digital capabilities to help sponsors find patients throughout NA (North America) and ROW (Rest of the world.)


Who We Are

Full-service advertising agency specializing in healthcare and patient recruitment advertising for over 15 years, with offices in Boston, Raleigh-Durham and Philadelphia.


Proven Recruitment Strategies and Unique Messaging

At the core of Viamark is a proven system dedicated to unique messaging and streamlined digital media management for optimal results and efficiency.

Proven strategies, unmatched media research, and experienced media and digital specialists work together to develop “Tra-Digital” campaigns that meet and exceed patient enrollment and deadline objectives.

We fulfill patient enrollment goals faster and more efficiently.


What Makes Us Different

Our clients have one primary point of contact that remains involved in every element of the project.

Each account specialist manages one centralized study at a time so the focus stays on your goals.

Humanizing ads to increase response. At Viamark we create emotionally charging ads that potential patients can relate to. Ads that create a bond. Safety. Hope. We know how to reach the right people with the right messaging to maximize response.

Tra-Digital Advertising: Based on our experience, your greatest chance for success is when both digital media and traditional media are utilized together. We call this “Tra-Digital Advertising”. Traditional media is the accelerant that propels people to establish a connection with a particular study or to research a study online. The delivery vehicles have changed, but the goal remains the same. It’s all about persuading potential patients to take action.

Video Production – Our Secret Weapon: Having an in-house video production company is a big advantage for our clients. Using video on study landing pages increases the time spent on the site and conversions! Our videos will help you connect and convert more patients, making your entire patient recruitment effort more cost-efficient.   When we connect with potential patients on a deeper level, you will see improved conversion rates from your respondents.

ViaMetrics: We offer detailed study reporting. We’ll analyze study response rates, conversion rates, cost per respondent/referral/patient breakdown by medium, and market. In addition, we offer fully customized online analytics for all digital advertising and Real-Time Reporting Dashboards.

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