Patient Recruitment Is About More Than Collecting Data.

Powerful messaging, strategic media buying and unmatched efficiency work together to create a clear and effective recruitment process. Clinical trial advertising should never be trial and error.

Proven media buying formulas and emotional creative approaches help our clients rise above traditional tactics for a breakthrough message with precise placement, maximum results, and budget to spare.

TV, Radio, Newspaper, Electronic Billboards, Direct Mail or Online Advertising – we’ll put together the marketing strategy and media mix to fill your study on time and on budget.

Over the past 10 years, we’ve worked with many of the world’s top CRO’s and Pharmaceutical companies on centralized campaigns for a variety of studies throughout North America. And today, we have worldwide digital capabilities to help sponsors find patients throughout NA and ROW.

Many agencies use overcomplicated jargon to justify higher costs. Not so at Viamark. Whether it’s a centralized national campaign or a local clinical trial, we streamline the process to market your study effectively, efficiently, and affordably.

We take media research, planning and placement several steps further than most patient recruitment or clinical trial agencies. Please contact us to see what you’re missing.



  • Radio, TV, and Newspaper Advertising
  • Magazine and Billboard Advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Media Research
  • Media Planning
  • Budgetary Recommendations
  • Local and National Media Buying
  • Ongoing Media Management
  • Response Analysis
  • 800 Vanity Numbers
  • Tracking – Metrics
  • Call Monitoring
  • Invoice Reconciliation
  • Post Campaign Analysis
  • Copy-Writing
  • Audio Production
  • Video Production
  • Print Ad Design
  • Billboard Design
  • Print and Outdoor



A Phase 2 GERD Study

NEED: A global study with a difficult inclusion/exclusion criteria required an increased pool of patients for sites to screen prior to enrollment deadline. We had less than one month to launch an ad campaign with a central call center.

APPROACH: We conducted a 2-week radio pilot campaign in 3 cities in the US. Based on the success of the pilot campaign, the campaign was expanded to cover 41 sites in 16 US media markets over an additional 3 week period.

THE RESULT: Over 1,000 respondents and 500 referred patients in 6 weeks. This led to 154 patients that were brought in for a screening visit and over 45 patients were randomized. Sponsor achieved their enrollment goal prior to deadline.


Clinical Trial For a New Ragweed Medication

NEED: Enroll 1,000 patients in 3 months for 76 sites in 37 cities.

APPROACH: A three-month radio and TV campaign in our target cities. We utilized a specific patient recruitment media buying strategy to determine appropriate market budgets and generate the necessary calls for each site. The commercial drove potential patients to an 800# or website for screening.

THE RESULT: Over 7,596 respondents who completed the initial screening process came as a direct result of the advertising campaign. The client enrolled a total of 1,000 patients before the enrollment deadline.


Clinical Trial For a Smallpox Vaccine

NEED: Sponsor had enrolled approximately 140 patients after 18 months and needed to enroll an additional 220 patients in 2 months for 16 sites (before the enrollment deadline). Target patients needed to be HIV Positive.

APPROACH: We researched the HIV population to further define our core target patients, the most viable cities for reaching this population and cost-effective media options. The ad campaign included Alternative Weekly Newspapers, LGBTQ Publications, Targeted Radio Formats (in limited markets) and Banner Advertising on LGBTQ Websites.

THE RESULT: Sponsor achieved the total enrollment goal of 360 patients. During the final 2 month enrollment period, over 75% of the patient referrals came from our advertising campaign.



NEED: The North Carolina Center for Reproductive Medicine generates patients through phone inquiries. When they came to us in 2001, they wanted an increase in call volume.

APPROACH: Along with an emotionally charging radio campaign, Viamark Advertising created a 1-800 number that was both easy for the listener to remember and 100% trackable.

THE RESULT: NCCRM went from 30 calls per month to over 500.

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